17-Apr-2018Grand Rapids, MI(18 miles)Items Wanted
Hi! I am due in June for a little boy but unfortunately, money has been very tight. Im looking for odds and ends you may not need anymore, especially a cosleeper/bassinet or pack n play. Also would appreciate nursing bras or tops in size lg or xl or any nursing items as i am having trouble buying them. Im not picky and I can pick up anything you would like to pass along. Thank you!!
15-Apr-2018Grand Rapids, MI(18 miles)Items Wanted
Does anyone have a pair of cedar shoe trees that they don't use? (two pair would be ideal) I am hard on shoes, but might try to keep my new pair nice for a bit longer.
Please remove the '19' from my e-mail before responding. Looking for this tank fitting for the plastic tank of a '72 Moto-Ski Zephyr 440. Mine is a little rotten! Thanks!
4-Apr-2018Allegan, MI(18 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for a stationary bike, the type with a "fan" for resistance. Mine has been failing and finally bit the dust tonight. So if you have one collecting dust in the basement and would like to move it along, I would happily give it a new home. Thank you!
27-Mar-2018Grand Rapids, MI(18 miles)Items Wanted
Im due with a son june 2nd and still need a lot of things for him. I'm especially concerned about nursing bras and tops. I can pick up any kind donations you have in the grand rapids area. Thank you!
22-Mar-2018Grand Rapids, MI(18 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for items for my daycare. Mostly outside toys. But anything else would be a great help. Please let me know. Thank you.
21-Mar-2018Grand Rapids, MI(18 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for 15x20 feet of scrap carpet/rugs to use as an underlayment for a pond. I don't need a whole lot, maybe small bedroom or hallway sized pieces.
7-Mar-2018Grand Rapids, MI(18 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for plastic buckets, large drums, totes, milk jugs, detergent jugs, plastic coffee cans, water bottle lids etc, anything that's HDPE (#2 inside of the recycling symbol). Do not have to be in perfect condition, it'll be broken down into a new project. I will be in the area near the end of the month to pick stuff up
2-Mar-2018Grand Rapids, MI(18 miles)Items Wanted
I am looking for baby fabric so I can sew may baby that is due soon some clothes burp cloths and blankets. thanks.
24-Feb-2018Plainwell, MI(15 miles)Items Wanted
In need of storage space. For myself as well as my father (who's in a nursing home) Looking for a few items: A small dresser, a bookshelf, shelves that can be put in a closet or hung.. as well as totes.. or boxes with lids I need to rebox the items I am storing for my father who's in a nursing home. I do not want his stuff getting ruined.
16-Feb-2018Allegan, MI(18 miles)Items Wanted
I am looking for cylinder blocks and boyish rocks!
15-Feb-2018Grand Rapids, MI(18 miles)Items Wanted
Moving relatively soon and in need of boxes asap. Please let me know if you can help
7-Feb-2018Grand Rapids, MI(18 miles)Items Wanted
started babysitting need any toys boy or girl age 3 to 8 Thanks in advance
5-Feb-2018Grand Rapids, MI(18 miles)Items Wanted
I'm looking for a functional food processor. No brand preference, other than being working and clean. Thanks!
26-Jan-2018Grand Rapids, MI(18 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for a girl toddler bed frame.
23-Jan-2018Grand Rapids, MI(18 miles)Items Wanted
Baby crib needed for our first baby.
15-Jan-2018Grand Rapids, MI(18 miles)Items Wanted
Hello! I am an in-home and on-site facility caregiver with a mission. I'm crotchet / knitting those mermaid blankets for my wheelchair patients. Not only are they being kept warm,but there's a silliness in the atmosphere and quite the conversation starter! Thank you and God bless your help! -Dee
3-Jan-2018Allegan, MI(18 miles)Items Wanted
looking kerosene or ventless propane heater for our bedroom.
2-Jan-2018Grand Rapids, MI(18 miles)Items Wanted
In need of any nursery items for our son such as baby clothes, recieving blankets, diapers, baby bottles, nursery furnature, infant carseat, baby walker/exersauser,ETC..... I am pregnant now, and I am due on 4-19-2018. Anything we can get for our son right now would be extremely helpful to us and greatly appreciated too. Thank you & God Bless
29-Dec-2017Grand Rapids, MI(18 miles)Items Wanted
mine finally died it was catually from here yay . but tis the season, if you have an old one let me know thank you in advance Jess
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